Printable CopyHANS: MEIN CAMP
Until 05 Mar 2017

Review by Brian Godfrey

He’s bold! He’s beautiful! He’s crass1 He’s brassy! He’s classy! He’s who we need when the world is in the trouble it is (Trump as President, Brad leaving Angelina, Pauline making a comeback) – he’s the one and only HANS!!

That little South Aussie accordion playing, sequined hot pants wearing, nemesis to the Sunday Mail’s gossip columnist Matt Gilbertson, German is back with a theatrical vengeance.

His latest Schutzenfest, “Mein Camp” is gloriously glitzier than ever. In fact, if there is a Fringe award for the most spectacular opening of a Fringe show, it should go to Hans, no argument. But I’m not going to spoil the surprise, go find out for yourself.

Love him or hate him (and this reviewer admits to loving him), there’s no denying Hans’ showmanship and his attention to slickness. His dance moves have always been good, but they seem to be on another level again this time round; especially when he teams up with his lovely girl dancers, The Lucky Bitches. While we’re mentioning wildly inappropriate names, let’s not forget his terrifically great band, The Ungrateful Bastards.

A big part of the fun of a Hans’ show is the delightful danger that you might get good-naturedly picked on. On the night reviewed everyone copped a good dose of well-meant insults; from Burnside to McLaren Vale (Han’s doesn’t care where you hail from). Kudos that night also to young Matt and Harley, two young men from the audience who took the clowning jibes in their stride; but not to the two senior citizens who left ten minutes into the show.

Hans may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but to his adoring fans he’s a glass of sparkling bubbly. We all need a bit of glitz, glamour and above all, just a damn good laugh in and at life – and Hans is the man to give it to us!

Rating (out of 5): 5 (gold sequins)