Mary's Poppin
Until 24 Mar 2018

Review by Luke Wagner

In the last decade the art of drag has taken its place as a mainstream art form, and rightfully so. The only difference between the divas at Mary’s and the ones in Vegas or Broadway is some male genitalia, and even that is tucked for the gods.

Joan Rivers has risen from her crypt to celebrate the works of some of the greatest divas in music. Everyone is there, from Bette to Cher and they do not fail to bringing the characteristics that make them divas with them.

Some highlights of this show include a stunningly accurate Britney Spears, a brash and brilliant Madonna, an over-the-top zany Celine Dion and the real treat: a hilariously refreshing take on P!nk. Rivers herself is a brilliant host and is on character from start to finish. This show is absolutely hilarious and the audience was on board the whole way.

This venue creates a perfect ambience for this hilarious show. Make sure you dress up and head out to celebrate with these talented queens this fringe.

4.5 stars (out of 5)