Cabaret Fringe Festival
La Bohème
Until 04 Jun 2017

Review by Luke Wagner

Cabaret is always an opportunity for sub genres of music to have an opportunity to shine. This is exactly what Mama Alto has done with “Torch Songs” in her return to the stage in the Adelaide Cabaret Fringe Festival.

“Torch Songs” takes the music of the likes of Billie Holliday and brings them to the stage, beautifully arranged by pianist and musical director Miss Chief and sung by Mama Alto.
Alto has an intriguingly sublime vocal presence and pours complete heart and soul into every note that comes out of her mouth. Watching her process is incredible as she flows with the music and takes a choose-your-own-adventure style pathway with each song. Each song provides more opportunity for Mama Alto to not only release her own emotions but to connect directly with each person in the room.

One very special moment came during a stunning mashup of “Over the Rainbow” and “Songbird”. Alto's hauntingly beautiful interpretation of the song gave it new meaning and emotion that was simply incredible to be there for.

It's such a thrill to know that incredible unique artists such as Mama Alto are being encouraged to bring their shows and their talents to Adelaide. This is definitely one to go see.