Printable CopyMADAGASCAR
Adelaide Youth Theatre
The Arts Theatre
Until 21 Apr 2018

Review by Fran Edwards

Colourful costumes and sets, lots of youthful enthusiasm and a talented production team will give you a feel good, foot tapping production like this latest from AYT.

The cast of thousands (well, it seems like that) sing and dance their hearts out and would put many adult casts to shame for their ensemble work and the leads are something special. All were enjoyed by an appreciative young audience (and those not so young), especially the big numbers which make a real impression.

In the session I saw, The King of New York (Zoo), Alex, is brought to life by Deon Martino-Williams, who is matched by Angus Brill Reed as the funky zebra, Marty. These two work so well together and are beautifully supported by Nava Revalk as Gloria the glamorous Hippo and Matthew Monti as Melman the hypochondriac giraffe. All have good voices and moves, but the best mover on stage is Nathan Stafford as the egotistical King Julian, fantastic performance.

The comedy was strong whenever the penguins were on stage acting in unison and leading the escapes. Skipper, Alana Iannace, was in charge, but Gemma Dandie, Montana Vincent and Zara Blight were with her every step. All of these moves and dances were in allover costumes and face paint and the day was warm!

Congratulations to the producers Emma Riggs and Kerreanne Sarti and director Georgia Broomhall. Musical director Serena Martino-Williams has worked wonders and choreographer Alana Shepherdson, assisted by Jasmin Branford has got them looking smart and well drilled.

This was a great fun production, another excellent show demonstrating the wonderful wealth of youth talent that we have in Adelaide.