Printable CopyMACBETH
Independent Theatre
Goodwood Institute Theatre
Until 07 Aug 2021

Review by Doug Phillips

Independent Theatre
Goodwood Theatre
Until 7th August 2021

Review by Doug Phillips

“Macbeth” may seem like a sure-fire hit for any production company to put on. But in reality, it’s not an easy show to get right. Plus, most Shakespeare fans tend to have some pretty adamant ideas of how the show should be produced and performed, making it impossible to please everyone.

Independent Theatre’s latest production of “Macbeth” is pretty polished though, making it hard to fault by even the fussiest Shakespeare fan (disclaimer, I’m not a Shakespeare super-fan).

The performances are sharp, well considered, and brutal when necessary. In the title role, Matt Hyde takes us on a swaying journey between disgust and pity for Macbeth. Rebecca Kemp’s Lady Macbeth is intense, and in no way plays second fiddle to Hyde.

Standout cast members include Shedrick Yarkpai as Macduff and Steve Turner as Banquo, although none of this cast give anything less than full effort and quality portrayals.

The costumes were excellent, let down only by some very modern hairstyles. More make-up would have helped, especially for the witches. The lighting has been very well planned, and the set, although minimal, is quite effective.

It’s hard to fault Rob Croser’s direction, but something about the show just didn’t do it for me. It’s very tough dialogue, and the cast’s delivery with next to no mistakes is a feat in itself. It is Macbeth though, so brace yourself for way too many monologues.

Without an interval, this production may test some audience members. It’s intense, practically seamless, well produced and polished, but it just didn’t hit the mark for me. Fans of Shakespeare will most likely love it, which is the true test I guess.