Printable CopyLOVE IS EASY
National Wine Centre
Until 25 Feb 2018

Review by Sarah Westgarth

Presented as a series of dramatic and comedic monologues, “Love is Easy” features seven actors who take the stage one at a time and talk to the audience about an experience with a significant relationship. The focus is mostly on romantic love, but love for siblings, children, and even self-love, are also covered.

The characterisation from all the actors is strong, and the monologues are well-written, with a good balance of humour and heart. The scenarios vary, with break-ups, first dates, and family drama all being discussed, but the scope of experiences is also quite limited: all the characters appear to be in their twenties, and only heterosexual relationships are depicted. It would have been nice to see more diversity represented in the show.

There is no connection between each monologue, though all are set in Adelaide, with the Ramsgate Hotel getting more than a couple of mentions. The connection is thematic, as each character, whether consciously or not, explores the destructive, manipulative, selfish things we do for the people we purportedly love. Each one is individually entertaining in its own way, and the cast is admirably experimental with their execution of the scenes. Having more links between the characters, even distant ones, would have built the world around them and make the show seem less disjointed, particularly towards the end when things start to drag a little.

There were a few technical glitches, some dropped lines, and the ambient noise from elsewhere in the venue was sometimes distracting, but the actors were unquestionably committed to telling their characters’ story, and succeeded in making them seem relatable, funny, and touching. Kaelia Cockington and Kate Wissell are particular highlights, but the entire cast delivers solid performances, and are used in ways that clearly play to their strengths.

“Love is Easy” would be a great show to see with a group of friends - you can then spend the night discussion which of the characters you each relate to the most!

Rating: 3 stars (out of 5)