Printable CopyLOOT
Adelaide Repertory Theatre
The Arts Theatre
Until 12 Apr 2022

Review by Chrissy Gow

“Loot”, awarded London’s best play in 1966, was written by playwright Joe Orton and centres around two amateur thieves Dennis and Hal. The pair decide to rob the bank which is next door to the funeral parlour where Dennis works. They decide to hide the ‘loot’ in the coffin of Hal’s recently deceased mother, while stashing her body in a wardrobe in the meantime. What ensues is a tangled web of deceit and deception, as they attempt to hide and keep their spoils from a gold-digging nurse, a psychopathic detective and Hal's recently widowed father.

Directed by AJ Bartley, “Loot” provides much humour and hilarity set against the gloom of a family funeral.

The show is well cast with enjoyable and comical performances by Kyla Booth as the predatory femme fatale nurse McMahon, who professes to be a devout Catholic; Matthew Chapman as the shifty sin ridden son, Hal; George Jankovic as the ladies’ man, Dennis; Malcolm Walton as the self-proclaimed good guy and recent widower, McLeavey; Simon Lancione playing the zealous and shifty Inspector Truscott; and Maxwell Whigham as the lovestruck Meadows.

Laughter filled the theatre as audience clearly enjoyed the witty dialogue and cleverly crafted script, coupled with the delivery of perfect comedy timing, with a touch of slapstick. A highlight would have to be the departed Mum’s corpse dragged around the stage, re-appearing at the most inopportune moments.

With just a few opening night nerves and mishaps the cast manoeuvred the hiccups seamlessly.
The Adelaide Repertory Theatre clearly has a strong production crew putting together a polished production. A big congratulations needs to go to the set designer Kate Anolak and costume designer Matt Chapman as both set design and costumes are simply fabulous, setting the perfect tone and representing the era of the 60s perfectly.

The current production of “Loot” will not disappoint devoted theatregoers.