Shane Davidson Presents
St Peters Girls Arts Centre
Until 10 Oct 2021

Review by Doug Phillips

Shane Davidson’s latest offering displays an excellent array of the talent and potential in Adelaide’s youth theatre scene. With a big cast, there’s plenty of talent on show, and what a great, fun musical to show that talent off with too.

Obviously based on the hugely successful 2001 film starring Reese Witherspoon, “Legally Blonde Jr” tells the tale of Elle Woods who sets out to win back her man by enrolling in the same law school, but instead finds out that not only does she not need him, but she’s better off without him.

With some humorous and energetic song numbers, the cast produced plenty of volume and fun. On some occasions the leads were almost drowned out by the boisterous ensemble, but it wasn’t enough to distract from the scenes.

Olivia Todd played the lead role with conviction and believability. She has a great voice and encapsulated the role of Miss Woods very well. Michael Hardy gave a solid performance as Emmett Forrest, also with a great voice. Libby Harding’s Vivienne Kensington felt the most polished though.

Kyle, as played by Axel Flynn, was an audience favourite, along with Kate Parsons as Paulette. Other notable mentions include Tom Horridge and Zachary Baseby as Warner Huntington the Third and Professor Callahan respectively, who both knew their roles well and executed them nicely.

There wasn’t much set to comment on, but a commendable amount given the short lead time. The lighting was basic but effective, and the audio was effective, despite the odd challenge with levels as mentioned previously.

Davidson has done a great job with this cast, and this show, but in fairness, he had an excellent talent pool to work with. Choreography was also simple enough to be well-learned by the cast, without being boring.

All involved should be very proud of this production. Plenty of talent, plenty of fun, and I can’t wait to see what’s next from the Shane Davidson Presents crew.