Until 26 Feb 2017

Review by Maggie Wood

Cancer is no laughing matter, except when the subject matter is in the hands of a skilled artiste like Lana Schwarcz.

This show is billed as theatre/comedy, but it is so much more.

The main thrust of the show is the story of Ms Schwarz’s experience as she was first diagnosed, and then treated, for breast cancer.

She delves gutsily into her brush with mortality, and comes out armed with some hilarious anecdotes, skilled explanations of just what happens and how it feels when you’re diagnosed, and does it all with a toughness born of extreme vulnerability. More than once we’re taken into what must have been deeply painful situation, and at all times are guided with skill and control through the various vignettes.

There may have been potential for awkwardness as to the exposure of the particular body parts in question – we’re talking about breast cancer after all – but this aspect, like the rest of the show, is tackled with sensitivity, humour and a heap of chutzpah.

There is clever use of tech to set the scenes as we go along, from the radiation treatment sessions to the meeting of an angel (no, really), and many more. Metaphors, and allegories abound but they’re never obtuse, always clear, and always deliver a depth of meaning.

And always, ultimately, the humour and comedy come to the fore. Yes, you may have tears streaming down your face one minute, but by the next tick of the clock you’ll be laughing heartily.

Definitely a Fringe must see.

Rating: 5 stars (out of 5)