Printable CopyKINSKI AND I
Holden Street Theatres
Holden Street Theatres
Until 22 Feb 2015

Review by Luke Wagner

“Kinski and I” fails on many levels to establish itself as a theatre and to sell a concept, issue or characterization to the audience. Instead, this show focuses only on the lowest aspects of the title characters life without actually presenting any kind of message other than his flaws.

Klaus Kinski is a deplorable and utterly unlikable German actor with a career spanning from the 1940s onwards. Presented basically as readings from his autobiography, it tells – in unnecessary detail – of his sexual history with anyone and everyone. A low point would be his description of taking the virginity of an underage girl, which prompted a few audience members to end their experience with this show. When not speaking of his sexual exploits, the story focuses on his lack of professionalism that somehow turned out what were apparently stellar performances.

The show is presented in a completely uninteresting way. The majority was a single actor reading these terrible tales directly from an iPad in an unconvincing German accent. A female counterpart appears on a screen and is equally as uncharismatic as the other.

Apart from four brief interludes from the actor speaking of his screen hero, this show is completely pointless. Is it right for society to idolise and reflect so passionately on the lives of well-known people who completely abuse their positions of power over others?

An uninspiring piece of theatre about a man who was rightly bewildered by receiving recognition throughout his career.

Rating: 1 star (out of 5)