The German Club
Until 12 Mar 2017

Review by Jamie Wright

Full disclosure: prior to seeing this show I knew next to nothing about Joni Mitchell, beyond the fact she's a folk musician. Now, though, I have a much greater insight into the Canadian-born singer/songwriter and her music.

In a very informal performance, Delia Olam weaves together an unusual show where she paints a picture of two lives with numerous parallels – Joni Mitchell's and her own. Songs and stories – about Mitchell and herself – alternate. And there's some very clever and unusual audience participation.

Olam has a lovely voice, and it's the singing that's the highlight of the show; she accompanies herself on guitar and some other stringed instruments, but isn't quite as accomplished a player as she is a singer – but it’s only on a handful of occasions throughout.

While it is probably a show likely to be most appreciated by fans of Joni Mitchell, there's plenty here for anyone interested in creative musical storytelling.

Rating: 3 stars (out of 5)