Printable CopyTHAT JONES BOY
Port Noarlunga Arts Centre
Until 09 Mar 2019

Review by Luke Wagner

Presented at the 2019 Adelaide Fringe Festival

Ah, the tribute show. Is there any kind of theatre more specific? Greg Hart and his band took the audience at the Arts Centre on a trip down memory lane as he performed the hits – and covers – of Tom Jones.

Tom Jones, for those few who may have not heard of him, is a singer born in Wales in 1940 and has had a career in music spanning six decades. Hart has put together a show that showcases some of Jones’ greatest hits.

There was not much in the show in regards to patter between songs. A vaguely pieced together history of Jones and an uncooperative PowerPoint presentation meant that prior knowledge was a prerequisite for this crash course in Tom Jones.

Hart is a talented singer and was able to replicate the unmistakable tones of Tom Jones perfectly. His dancing did border on office Christmas party at points, and his Tom Jones wig definitely didn’t help that situation.

The band was excellent, with Hart’s wife Trish Hart on keys providing some good back-and-forth.

If a show’s success is based on the amount of women’s underwear the performer collected throughout the show, then Hart would have to be one of the most successful artists to grace the Fringe. However, for those who didn’t grow up with Tom Jones, prepare yourself for an interesting evening of entertainment. And trust me, you will be entertained.

Rating: 3.5 stars (out of 5)