Raj House
Until 04 Mar 2018

Review by Luke Wagner

Theatre has always been an opportunity for societal reflection and education of the trials others face. “Intoxication” is a great example of a piece of theatre that does exactly this.

Christopher Bryant is a young gay man who survived a near-death experience which prompted him to revisit his life and face the demons that he had long ignored: alcohol and a struggle to connect with people. He has done what many good artists do and has turned his pain into art.

Bryant is a beautifully articulate in his ability to openly talk about anxiety and the struggles that are too often faced by gay men in a community that craves acceptance but also is highly critical and discriminative to its own members. Bryant delivers his message exceptionally and captivates his audience on an intimate level. It helps to perfectly punctuate the exact point that he aims to make.

“Intoxication” is a well-written and well-crafted piece of theatre that completely encapsulates the message of self acceptance and finding the ability to love yourself so that it will enable you to love someone else. A message we can all appreciate.

Rating: 5 stars (out of 5)