Noarlunga Theatre Company
Port Noarlunga Arts Centre
Until 05 Jun 2021

Review by Janice Bailey

“Inspector Cluedo and the Curse of the Darjeeling Diamond”, written by John Penberthy and John Martin, with additional dialogue and lyrics by Harry Dewar and Bronwyn Calvett, is escapism at its best – just what is needed in these uncertain times.

Lady Agatha Carbuncle is the Lady of the Manor and she has invited a range of ‘interesting’ guests to her Manor House. As the title foreshadows, the Darjeeling Diamond is the centrepiece of the plot. Bronwyn Calvett is well cast as Lady Agatha Carbuncle, providing her character with elegance, confusion and humour. Daniel Steele is suitably suspicious as the ‘uppercrust’ butler, and when the diamond inevitably goes missing he is the first suspect.

Leanne Robinson is suitably imposing as Lady Agatha’s companion. Deidre Quinn’s Ruby is comical, providing a commentary on the guests and goings-on. Stephen Popowski as Father O’Shea, a visiting priest, causes the audience to wonder why is he there. Is he possibly the thief? Then there is Diamond Solitaire, played impeccably by Linda Lawson – her ‘Diamonds are Forever’ is a highlight! Naturally, the plot centres around the Darjeeling Diamond and what happens when it goes missing. Inspector Cluedo, the somewhat bewildered detective, is called to solve the mystery. John Martin embodies this character, providing many of the laughs.

Experienced Director Harry Dewar has organized this ‘mixed salad’ of characters into a functioning and well-honed cast, taking the audience on a fantastic journey of laughs, music and song. Well done to all involved.