The Royal Croquet Club
Until 23 Feb 2017

Review by Luke Wagner

Clare Healey is afflicted by the same curse that all of us are: impure thoughts. Not thoughts that make her a danger to society, but those that would make people look up from their phones on a crowded train.

Healey talks to the audience about her thoughts which range from liking cheese more than her relatives, to Beethoven’s blatant sexism.

With original songs, Healey takes the audience on an enjoyable journey full of moments that make you equally cringe and relate to her. She has an incredible vocal range which delightfully underscores her range of random thoughts. Claire shows of her musical prowess as she takes hold of the ukulele and the accordion later in the show.

Healey is a great energy and you cannot help but smile as she tells stories about things that would normally make people cringe. Healey is likable and creates a feeling of familiarity within minutes. She even managed to squeeze in a quick audience participation round of the popular drinking game ‘never have I ever’.

A particular highlight is her folk ballad about her unknowing facebook friend Dave. A tribute to stalking in the digital age.

This show is a fun and witty start to this year’s fringe with a diverse and very talented performer who is bringing quirk to the new look Royal Croquet Club.

Rating: 3.5 stars (out of 5)