Printable CopyHOT MAMAS
La Bohème
Until 11 Mar 2018

Review by Thomas Filsell

“Hot Mamas” is a delightfully playful yet sincere look at the period of transition in a woman’s life from independent to mother with child, as experienced by two young mums and big-wheels of the burlesque scene, Chrissie Brown and Liz Cahalan.

The tone is light-hearted, satirical, self-deprecating, humorous, and heartfelt, and the subject matter quickly becomes relatable across gender, age and relationship divides, as it is the human experiences and sentiments, and the struggles we all face in dealing with change and assuming responsibilities that truly underlies and characterises the show.

“Hot Mamas” is consistently funny. Both performers are natural and completely at their ease on stage, and the humour just seems to birth itself without a push. Chrissie Brown, in particular, is hilariously cheeky and irreverent. She clearly clinched herself a crack command of comedy during her time served as communications director for Hollywood’s famous Laugh Factory, where she worked with some of the world’s best-known comedians.

Liz Cahalan was also funny, and a terrific raconteur. Both she and Chrissie Brown were so unpretentious and sincere in their speech that there was never any awkwardness or artificiality dividing them from us in the audience. They spoke to us, and they spoke the truth – a humorous, though sometimes painful and often poignant truth. They were also terrifically brave and willing to bare all, both literally and figuratively.

“Hot Mamas” will definitely appeal to mothers, of all kinds, even those who are mothers only in prospect, but, there is enough humour and humanity in the show that fathers, sons, anyone with a mother of their own can sit in and enjoy some great audience participation, loads of great comedy, and a great night out in a cosy, intimate setting.

Warning – this show may not be suited to the lactose intolerant.

Rating: 4 stars (out of 5)