Printable CopyHICCUP!
Windmill Theatre
The Space
Until 18 Apr 2021

Review by Janice Bailey

Windmill Theatre Company have an excellent reputation for presenting quality work with an Australian perspective, to children. They are also aware that there needs to be colour, action and ‘quirky’ characters in order to hold the attention of young audiences and still be able to entertain the parents who accompany them.

The creative team of Jude Henshall, Ellen Steele, Jonathon Oxlade, Ross McHenry, Chris Petridis, Julianne O’Brien, Steve Mayhew and Tamara Rewse, who were responsible for the creation of ‘Hiccup’, is a wonderful example of all of these attributes. Its biggest strength is that it is a contemporary Australian story with the strong message of the importance of working together, being brave and not giving up.

The production team, led by Stage Manager Alex Hayley and the cast of Chiara Gabrielli as Quokka, Lachlan Micklethwait as Koala and Nathan O’Keefe as Eddie and Emu all work incredibly hard to bring this show to life and keep the attention of their audience. The pre-recorded music is provided by accomplished musicians Carla Lippis on vocals, Dusty Lee Stephenson on guitar and vocals, Django Rowe on guitar, Brenton Foster on organ, Josh Baldwin on drums and Ross McHenry on bass.

The audience are encouraged to ‘join in’ where appropriate and their total engagement was apparent by their willingness to respond when asked. The costumes are simple but believable, with set and prop construction by Andy Starr and Leah Hall quite extraordinary in their effectiveness.

This was a thoroughly enjoyable and uplifting experience and thoroughly recommended for parents and grandparents to provide a wonderful and magical experience for young children and themselves.