Printable CopyHESITATION
La Bohème
Until 26 Feb 2017

Review by John Wells

Poor, poor Rosie. Rosie has a terrible life. She has a job she loves. (She’s a lawyer, so she does deserve some sympathy, I suppose.) She has a loving workaholic fiancé also with a great job. And she has a funny, supportive friend who brings her food and watches rom-coms with her when the fiancé is away working. Poor Rosie. Rosie’s got the blues – the over-privileged, middle-class, mid-twenties blues.

“Hesitation” is an earnest but pedestrian exploration of a mild existential crisis. These lame concerns might be real, but they don’t amount to interesting theatre. There is nothing compelling about Rosie’s problems. She is just growing up and facing a world of adult responsibility.

The writing is over-wrought and indulgent. There is no intensity or visceral conflict. It is difficult to be engaged by the amiable but dull characters. The acting is good throughout. Even if Rosie’s predicaments are dreary, she is played with believable warmth by El. Locky, as Rosie’s friend Nick, is nuanced and funny.

There is talent here, but the performers should ditch the lukewarm script and look for stronger material.

Rating: 2.5 stars (out of 5)

No program was available for this play. The full names of the performers, and the details of the creative team were therefore not known.