Holden Street Theatres
Until 05 Mar 2017

Review by Luke Wagner

Shakespeare in 6o minutes doesn’t sound like it would do justice to the words of the world’s most renowned playwright, but this show does it with conviction.

Based on the Henry V as he appears in 4 different Shakespearean works, director Phillip Parr and actor Brett Brown create a seamless look behind the façade of England’s heroic ruler to see that behind it all is a man who is as human as all of us.

With a basic black stage and limited set pieces, Brown uses newspaper to bring elements of the story to life, including his burdensome crown. The set eventually becomes littered with straps of paper and clothing as Henry’s story evolves.

Brown delivers a brilliant performance. He is able to move from a frail vulnerable man, struggling with accepting power whilst grieving for his father, to a strong ruler leading an army to battle. Brown captivates from start to finish.

Those involved in this production are clearly very passionate about the subject matter and the piece was presented with great care. This show is an opportunity for those who are wanting to experience Shakespearean theatre in a smaller setting, and developing a clearer understanding of this man and monarch.

Rating: 4 stars (out of 5)