Pelican Productions
Walford Girls School
Until 14 Jul 2013

Review by Luke Wagner

When it comes to iconic musicals, it’s pretty hard to beat “Grease”. The music, the story and the fashion have been able to capture every generation since its premiere. The young performers from Pelican Productions Senior Cast of “Grease” are latest to be swept up in the frenzy which is this classic retro tale.

“Grease” tells the tale of Sandy, a good girl who had a summer fling with local wild boy, Danny. When her family decides to stay in town, Sandy ends up enrolling at Rydell High School. Sandy is shocked to see Danny, who shuns and humiliates her in front of all his friends, leaving her struggling to find out how she fits in.

The production values in this show are very high; the set is simple and effective and looks amazing. A series of revolving panels make for snappy set changes and keep the overall pace of the show going strong.

Director and Musical Director Carol Young nail the musical elements of the show; Bec Schembri’s choreography is superb and the large numbers are very effective – Danny and Cha-Cha’s "Hand Jive"’ is a highlight.

This young cast takes on some very well known characters, but they manage to give each of them a unique portrayal. Kyle Hall as Danny and Emily Wood as Sandy did not just mimic a previous performance, but recreated the characters, whilst still maintaining what makes these characters so familiar. Hall is a charming Danny and is very well-timed on his comedy. Wood delivers Sandy’s transformation very well and her vocal work is impressive.

Georgia Payze as Marty, Stephanie Antonopoulos as Rizzo, Mark Stefanoff as Teen Angel and Josh Angeles as Doody all have superb singing voices. Angeles’s falsetto is extremely impressive and he makes ‘those magic changes’ a real highlight of the show. Stefanoff shows off his fine voice in ‘beauty school dropout’.

Georgia Bolton as Jan and Danny Gleeson as Sonny have great onstage chemistry and well-developed characters, delivering some of the funniest moments of the show.

These young performers are to be commended for taking on such a popular show and delivering such a great performance. This is definitely one for anyone who is a fan of the original. Just remember, Grease is the word.