Printable CopyGOOD PEOPLE
Adelaide Repertory Theatre
The Arts Theatre
Until 11 Sep 2021

Review by Doug Phillips

“Good People” is the story of Margie Walsh (played by Rachel Burfield), who’s trying to hold her life together, without a great deal of success. Starting with the loss of her job, and then faced with eviction from her apartment, Margie is desperate to gain employment to keep her and her daughter homed and fed.

When an old friend (Mike Dillon, played by Nicholas Bishop), re-enters Margie’s sphere, an opportunity presents itself for Margie to perhaps see her luck change. But as with everything in Margie’s life, it’s not straight forward or easy.

The set is clever and well executed. Each technical department was on the money. The performances were solid. Somehow, though, this just didn’t seem like the experience you’d expect from a twice Tony-nominated show. It was just lacking some oomph.

Not lacking oomph from the cast mind you, but the story itself. The script was quite good, but the actual story was just a little, well, boring. Not completely boring, there’s an interesting storyline with Margie and Mike, but it felt like there could have been more.

Nick Fagan’s direction is very good. There was nothing clunky, and excellent use was made of the great set. The costumes were spot on, but probably easy I suspect.

Everyone at The Adelaide Rep involved with this production has done an excellent job. The performances alone make it worth seeing. Despite the less than exhilarating storyline, this is a good production.