Printable CopyGONE GIRLS
Holden Street Theatres
Until 15 Mar 2020

Review by Fran Edwards

Patrick Livesey is known for political satire, and in this hit at recent politics he joins Annabel Larcombe on stage as the two larger-than-life female figures of Australian politics. Livesey portrays an ambitious Julia Gillard and Larcombe is Julie Bishop, and the plot takes us through the years leading up to and including the Prime Minister-ship of Gillard. A thin layer of facts is embellished with possible motives for both them and their male colleagues.

Using some actual news footage these events are strung together and everything politics is given a close scrutiny, misogyny, favoritism, the boys club and betrayal. Do the girls get a fair shake, do they get what they deserve! Looking to the future the plot becomes more surreal but still laced with satire and laughs.

Don’t expect this show to explain politics – although it may support some of your personal theories – but expect to be entertained. Livesey does drag well and Larcombe is an interesting Bishop with a secret. It’s a fun hour of taking a sideways look at our parliament.

Rating: 4 stars (out of 5)