Until 04 Mar 2018

Review by Brian Godfrey

Good ol’ fashioned high-energy entertainment is alive and very well in the guise of Celeste Carbone, Deanna Kangas and Aaron Collis – otherwise better known as ‘Two Brunettes and a Gay”. This terrific trio have been around since 2013, and yet this reviewer has only just discovered them – unlike the rest of the full house crammed into the Bally on the night reviewed. Where has this group been? Or more accurately, where has this reviewer been?

In their sixth production and wearing more sequins and glitter than Hans and Priscilla, Queen of the Desert put together (and that’s just Aaron), this gorgeous group pay homage to the Queens of modern music: hence the title “God Save The Queens”.

There’s Liza, there’s Beyoncé, there’s Madonna, there’s Cher and many, many more (but no Streisand!). There’s some serious struttin’ from all three and some serious stuffin’ from Collis – his Cher and Madonna have to be seen to be believed!

This trio is extremely polished and although obviously working hard to entertain have as much fun as we do. Banter is professional and well done, and there are strong vocals from all. This is the one niggle this reviewer had: with strong vocals, you do not need to put the sound up even higher – this modern trend is indeed popular: but why?

If you want some good, slightly unclean fun and have a good old belt of nostalgia, with a great ‘campy’ vibe, this is the show to see. Long may these Queens reign!

Rating: 4.5 stars (out of 5)