Printable CopyGOBSMACKED!
Black Box Theatre - Adelaide Botanic Garden
Until 01 Mar 2020

Review by Jamie Wright

In an updated version of the show they performed around the world some years back, Nikki Aitken and Jamie Burgess present a mix of storytelling and songs about their lives, starting from when they first met and bonded at an audition. The updates are necessary because, in the intervening years, Aitken had relocated to London and gotten married – the earlier version of the show was about Aitken’s struggles as a ‘single straight girl’.

The songs are great – clever and funny – and the two have an excellent rapport. Aitken is a superb singer, and has great stage presence and a gift for storytelling; the song about being hungover was a highlight. The scenes from a fictitious (or fingers crossed, yet-to-be-written) show, ‘Tipsy’, are delightfully over the top.

But while these numbers is entertaining, I couldn’t help but feel there was something more needed; a stronger narrative or a more definite theme to tie everything together. Both Aitken and Burgess are definitely capable of more, and it may just be they’re in need of a few tweaks to get the show reaching its full potential.

Rating: 3.5 stars (out of 5)