Adelaide Cabaret Festival
The Famous Spiegeltent
Until 25 Jun 2022

Review by Doug Phillips

Look out all you Karens, The Adelaide festival Centre has flown in Paul McDermott and all his wonderous instability to ensure that Adelaide’s 2022 Cabaret Festival is not just for the snoozing boomers. Ironically, the audience for The Funhouse’s opening night was predominantly Boomers, but I can assure you they were far from snoozing.

With an evolving and interchangeable line up, this Reviewer can only comment on the acts for opening night. Which is fine, because there is plenty to comment on. Except for Australia’s Favourite Pop Punk Idiot, Captain Ruin, for whom I have no idea where to start. The only thing I can confidently say about Captain Ruin is, I don’t care who you are or what you do, I challenge you not to wince.

Philmah Bocks, drag performer extraordinaire, quickly had the crowd on side after a bit of a slow start. Clever humour won the crowd over, and theirs is a presence that is impossible to ignore. Stand-up comedy from Dilruk Jayasinha’s was much more risqué and cruder than we have come to expect after becoming accustomed to his TV work, but the laughs are aplenty, and he is in good form.

The show is largely put together by McDermott’s offsider, Glenn Moorhouse, who rocks a mean three quarter guitar, a tight 4-piece band, and an even meaner pimp jacket and hat. The music and comedy that Paul and Glenn combine on is a real treat, and they were meant to work together. I hope they’re having as much as fun as it looks like they’re having.

Some reviews are a pleasure to write. Some are not. This has definitely been one of the former. The Funhouse with Paul McDermott is playing in the beautifully re-crafted, and stylishly decorated Festival Plaza forecourt, in the Famous Spiegeltent, at the very respectable time of 6pm, throughout the Adelaide Cabaret Festival.

Start your night with Australia’s favourite Lefty, his merry band of talented mad-folk, then enjoy the rest of what an evening at the Adelaide Cabaret Festival has to offer. But, leave your sensitivity at the door (it’s more fun, and less dangerous that way).