RCC Fringe @ Adelaide Uni
Until 15 Mar 2020

Review by Luke Wagner

Each year the Adelaide Fringe attracts a diverse range of artists from across the globe to come and share a range of unique and stunning acts in a festival that envelops the city and brings the creative nature of Adelaideans to the front of everyone’s attention.

Frankenstein: How to make a monster is a production from BAC Beatbox Academy On Tour Group. The show is a platform for six of the most talented young beatboxers to share their craft through the classic story of Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein”. The ensemble creates absolutely every single sound that is heard live using only their voices – and the result is stunning. From sound effects, to beatboxing, to covers of songs, these six young voices tell the story from putting together the monster to the social consequences of playing god.

The impressive vocals were not just the beatboxing, but the incredible singing talents were also on full display. The ensemble’s acting was also very impressive, particularly when the monster met its demise. An impressive emotional range for a young performer.

The production is simply the six performers, six black boxes and a stunning lighting display to allow their insane talents to shine. Another fantastic element of the show was the feature of some of the Carclew Youth participants from Adelaide who were also given an opportunity to showcase their skills.

This show is a fantastic blend of a unique talent, presented in a simple and spectacular fashion that will leave audiences fully engaged and entertained from the first note to the final sounds. Definitely one to check out this Fringe.

Rating: 5 Stars (out of 5)