Tuxedo Cat
Until 13 Mar 2016

Review by Jamie Wright

It would be an understatement to say that when a freak accident shrinks Frank Allen to microscopic size and thrusting him into life in the beard of Al, his life changes.

Yes, it's a weird concept. But weird is pretty common for Fringe shows; what isn't as common, though, is the standard of writing and performance involved in "The Ballad of Frank Allen", which is exceptional. It's theatre, physical theatre, comedy and live music, all rolled into a non-stop, madcap show that's engaging from start to finish.

Shane Adamczak and St John Cowcher play Frank and Al and about a dozen more characters between them - using, amongst other things, some of the most hilarious accents I've heard in a while - and both play guitar and sing. The two are brilliantly in sync with each other throughout the entire show, so much so they're even able to integrate some impromptu humour in a seamless fashion.

Seriously good writing. Seriously great performances. Ridiculously funny show.

Rating: 5 stars (out of 5)