Printable CopyFOUND
Pelican Productions
Michael Murray Centre - Westminster College
Until 19 Jan 2020

Review by Doug Phillips

The thought of attending a show put on by a youth cast with only five days preparation was not one that filled me with optimism. Happily, I was well off the mark though. Pelican Productions’ show “FOUND” is brilliant, and astonishingly impressive.

Not just impressive because they put it together in five days (although that in itself is mind-boggling when you see the final product), but also impressive due to the standard of talent on that stage. This is a cast who truly embrace and embody the ideal that ‘there are no small parts…’. Every member of this cast gives their all for the entire show, whether they’re singing solo on the stage, or right up the back in the chorus.

But better than all that, these kids were having fun. Bucket loads of it. If I’m completely honest, they made me jealous as all hell. I haven’t enjoyed my time on stage as much as these kids did, since I was a kid myself.

Accents were well executed, dance routines were tight, voices were loud and vibrant, and no-one looked like they weren’t one hundred percent confident with what they were doing. This highly talented cast can hold their heads quite high.

The male cast were quite outnumbered, which wouldn’t come as a surprise to most. Perhaps this is why Walter Buckley and Finn Green seemed to shine so bright. Finn has one of the best musical theatre voices I’ve heard in a long time, and he is definitely one to watch.

Henny Walters also shone. Her voice, although yet to fully mature, was solid and strong, and a treat to listen to.

The direction is effective, too. Not weak or simple like you might expect from a show that’s put together this quickly. The costumes were also spot-on, although there was no set to speak of (understandably).

This show was remarkable. I’d love to see what this cast and crew would do with a normal length rehearsal period.