Until 24 Feb 2019

Review by Talia Gaertner-Jones

Presented at the 2019 Adelaide Fringe Festival

What can I say? Amity Dry has it all. The voice, the wit, the talent and rawness all rolled into one amazing strong woman. Even waiting in line before the show had commenced there were women lined up who have been following Amity’s performances for years. She is definitely a favourite here at the Fringe.

Dry’s performance “Fortified” is one not to be missed. Following on from her 2017 Fringe performance “39 Forever”, where Dry states one of her opening statements was “I should be so lucky”, she has now moved on and is discovering her new role in life after her divorce. With a show filled with original songs, Dry takes the audience on her journey and the struggles that she is facing, coming to terms with shared custody, how to be her own person again and the challenges of the dating world.

Jamie Burgess accompanies Dry on keyboard and the vocals between both performers is exceptional (and Jamie’s banter with Dry is quite hilarious too). Looking around the audience, filled with mostly women (I think I counted 5 men) you can see the connection Dry’s story has – as there were tears and laughter throughout the show from each person. By the end you really do feel like you have all become friends. Whether you connect with Dry’s current life status or not, this performance is one to see. I think everyone will find something to relate to and walk out with an attitude that anything is possible and sometimes you just have to “blow shit up”.

Rating: 5 stars (out of 5)