Printable CopyFAR FAR AWAY
The Garage International
Until 10 Mar 2020

Review by John Wells

We don’t want theatre to be always clear, easily digestible and straight-forward, do we? Sometimes curious and elliptical theatre can be rewarding. Sometimes thinking hard as an audience and working out a difficult and intriguing production is very pleasurable. And sometimes it can just be baffling and tedious.

Hong Kong company Feast On Waste Land’s production “Far Far Away” has some bright moments, and some beautifully-constructed movement, but tends towards confusion. “Far Far Away” is (broadly) a dance or physical theatre piece, with translated narrative in projected surtitles. The action unfolds in an episodic structure. The movement is accompanied by recorded music, augmented by live players. The choreography is expressive and the performers are precise.

The overall themes focus on human conflict, identity, colonialism, violence and extinction, with a subtle reference to Hong Kong’s recent pitched battles. Too often it is unclear what is going on, and despite some well-executed movement, the lack of coherence becomes laborious.

Ultimately, this unusual production is frequently impenetrable and dissatisfying.

Rating: 2 stars (out of 5)