Comedy Capers Gang Show
Shedley Theatre
Until 26 May 2018

Review by Doug Phillips

For their 2018 production, “Comedy Capers” brings us “FACE YOUR FEARS”: a non-stop evening of singing, dancing, and acting, themed around the things in life that can sometimes make us hesitate.

But hesitate they did not. From the moment the curtain goes up, this show cranks out an energy and warmth that puts the whole audience at ease and in the mood for a great night out.

Ranging in age from 8 years old to late 20s (and numbering 110 in total) this year’s cast produces an explosion of colour, volume, and fun. Consisting of youth members from The Scout and Girl Guide Associations, and with a support crew of around 140 people, “Comedy Capers” is a mammoth show where the resulting entertainment is very much a group effort.

The cast is supported by an audio-visual team who missed nothing, and the sound and visual effects were very impressive. The sets are effective and seamlessly changed – very much the product of an experienced, diligent, and focused team. And the cast have been fantastically decked out by their costume department.

This year the harmonies, back-up vocals, and choreography really stood out. But it wasn’t just the dancers who moved well – the entire cast knew their movements and knew them well. And when everyone on stage got stuck into a song they loved, the wall of sound they created was powerful and solid. All backed by a punchy and tight orchestra.

The Executive and Production Teams are quite rightly very proud of this years show. They tackled a tricky topic, yet it was well thought out and executed.

But, this show is about the youth. Many of whom this is their first experience with theatre performance. Their smiles, energy, and gusto ensure an entertaining night that audiences of all ages will enjoy. The entire cast should be commended for their performances.

Congratulations to everyone involved with this magnificent show. With way too many departments and teams to give accolades to, as one big team they should all be extremely proud of the show they produced, the good they do for our youth, and memories they are creating.

In its 53rd show season, “Comedy Capers” delivers a fast-paced night of enthusiastic and energetic theatre not to be missed. This year will be hard to top, but I’m very much looking forward to seeing what they come up with for their 54th year.