Country Arts SA
Sir Robert Helpmann Theatre
Until 27 Feb 2017

Review by Andy Ahrens

The Fringe has arrived in Mount Gambier and the Cave Gardens look as beautiful as ever dressed up in typical Fringe attire. Nearby, in the foyer of the Helpmann Theatre, an audience become a tour group and are about to discover the events that lead to the end of time.

Audiences are equipped with headphones and trek through the old railyards in Mt Gambier. This is an ideal venue with appropriate doomsday look. It is desolate, overgrown with long grass and scattered with industrial sheds and rusty railway tracks.

This participatory theatre experience, led by Matt, our not-so-human tour guide, challenges us to imagine the apocalypse and the consequences of human behaviour. The headphones provided a constant landscape of sound effects and enabled the actors to be hear a whisper in the outdoor environment. Matt is exceptional, jumping in and out of insanity and helping the tour imagine the events leading to the end of time.

“Eyes” provides a unique experience with strong performances, exceptional sound editing and clever use of an outdoor setting.

Rating: 4.5 stars (out of 5)