Printable CopyEUPHORIA
The State Theatre Company of South Australia
The Space
Until 15 May 2021

Review by Fran Edwards

Just every so often a play comes around that entertains you, makes you think a little deeper and tugs at your humanity; this is one such play. Emily Steel has done her research in regional towns, gaining insight into the people and calling on her experience of growing up in just such a town or village.

This piece explores the dichotomy of small communities were everyone knows your business and there are no secrets, but everyone is family and there to support each other. It examines how we view mental health in each other and ourselves, and it does it almost without us realizing.

Director Nescha Jelk skillfully uses Meg Wilson’s deceptively simple set to represent a multitude of everyday places, from a community hall to the local garage, the school and others. With minimal movement of set pieces, Nic Mollison’s deft lighting changes and Andrew Howard’s unintrusive sound scape the action moves seamlessly from one location to the next, sometimes mid-sentence.

All this is achieved with two exceptional actors, Ashton Malcolm (Meg) and James Smith (Ethan) the two major players in this tale. However, these two play all the parts, swapping gender and age, with exceptional craft changing voice, stance and attitude to suit.

This production is a rare gem which will make you laugh; maybe make you cry and leave you with some interesting thoughts to ponder.