Printable CopyEMILY
Galleon Theatre Group
Domain Theatre
Until 30 Oct 2021

Review by Fran Edwards

Galleon Theatre Group’s latest production is a comedy by American film director and screenwriter Stephen Metcalfe. Billed as a comedy it brings laughs as it examines the nature of commitment in relationships. Directed by Warren McKenzie the action is played out on basic set, designed by Brittany Daw, with a few tables and chairs and representations of New York skyscrapers. The action moves fast between multiple scenes with dressers, Brittany Daw and Kaitlyn McKenzie, changing clothes for the leading lady on stage, cleverly and smoothly done.

The title role is played by Jess Carroll, a mammoth effort where she does not really leave the stage for the entire production. Through her many emotions and doubts Carroll takes this character on an interesting journey. Her on/off love interest is played by Stephen Bills, who makes him a likable person confused by Emily’s changing feelings. They are both very good performances.

Emily’s father, boss and the numerous bartenders are brought to life by chameleon-like Andrew Horwood at his best. Her mother is played by Therese Hornby, giving her a strong character for Emily to react to. Various workmates and other characters ae played, with enthusiasm, by Christian Dewar, Adam Schultz, Josh Van’t Padje and Aled Proeve. Leanne Robinson has the fun job of playing Hallie, Emily’s wacky friend whose antics cause much amusement.

So, this is another solid production by Galleon that they can be proud of and that you should book your tickets for.