Court Theatre Company
Until 07 May 2019

Review by Doug Phillips

A lot of rehearsal has gone into this. With big chunks of dialogue, the precision with which the actors knew and executed their lines was impressive. But this just makes it all the harder to work out where this play was lacking.

The set was quite sparse, but it should take more than a dull set to bring this play down.

It’s not the script. As perhaps Wilde’s most well-known work, we know the script has depth, wit, and charm. I don’t think it was the actors either. They knew their parts well and encapsulated the characters nicely. The acting was good, though – it just wasn’t consistent. The illusion was spoilt by the obviousness of actors awaiting their next cue. Too often the characters seemed to be simply waiting for their counterpart to finish their line so that they could deliver theirs.

Stronger direction would likely have seen them immerse themselves deeper in their characters, and a longer run would have probably seen these wrinkles ironed out.

A good solid performance, just requiring some more oomph.