The Henry Austin
Until 04 Mar 2017

Review by Kylie Pedler

Absurd, eccentric, witty, but mostly bizarre.

The show, starring Amy Bodossian, is loosely brought together with personal poetry, a string of favourite songs, an obsession with Prince and the tale of a relationship with a housemate ‘friend’.

Bodossian turns the lyrics of some well-known classics into some wacky versions that focus more on her playful irregularities and vocal tricks than the lyrics and their meaning. But, there is a sampling of a strong soulful vocalist amongst those scattered rhythms and it would be great to hear more of this. Accompanied beautifully by Patrick Wilson, they share some funny interactions in one song and he offers some nice harmonies in another.

However the highlight is Bodossian as the mesmerising storyteller; her poetry beautiful (if not at times candid) and her stories fascinating.

While the venue had potential, unfortunately cramming many into the small space and in the heat of opening night, it was uncomfortable and difficult to see. (Choose your seat wisely!)

In the words of one of the featured song covers, ‘Nothing Compares’, to Amy Bodossian.

Stars 3 stars (out of 5)