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Star Theatres
Until 05 Mar 2017

Review by Brian Godfrey

David Williamson’s “Don’s Party” is one of the plays that brought him to everyone’s attention. There is no denying that the play is an Australian classic. Unfortunately, it is this plus some very groovy looking 60s costumes (basically copied from the film version) that are the only two redeeming features of this production.

The faults of this production are too numerous to mention but all are due to lack of direction and extremely poor stage craft.

Rule number one: don’t direct and put yourself in the titular role, it doesn’t work! This rule is proven many times over in this production.

Rule number two: you are not an actor just because you can learn lines and avoid falling over the furniture.

All of the ‘actors’ in this version just drone on in very monotonous monotones: and sorry, but speaking slowly does not make you sound sleazy, just incredibly boring.

There are no dynamics between the various characters. They are just a group of people standing or sitting around (sometimes with gaps in the conversation so wide, that Bronwyn Bishop could fly her helicopter through them). There’s more excitement in my doctor’s waiting room.

As for ‘breaking the forth wall’ in a play that does not call for or require it, let’s not go there. Oh damn, they did! Why? Especially having Evan make his final exit through the audience, when there has never been an indication before that there was a ‘door’ there. (Was he Superman and just smashed through a wall?)

There doesn’t seem to be any thought put into motivation – e.g. house proud Cath would not leave thrown pizza on the floor to be collected at interval.

Sorry, but this is one party that you pray NOT to be invited to.

Rating: ½ star (out of 5) – [the Twisties looked fresh]