Tuxedo Cat
Until 18 Mar 2012

Review by Celeste Villani

Better known for his work in the award winning show ‘The Lounge Room Confabulators’, Wil Greenway embarks on his first solo show – and it does not disappoint!

Wil Greenway is an absolute delight as he recounts the year that a shark bit off both his arms – not your typical theatre storyline, but it works. Wil speaks of regret, friendships, bloodshed, love and the mammoth asteroid that landed in his backyard and changed everything!

Wil is a fantastic actor who at all times keeps viewers entertained with his storytelling and comedic ability. His voice is clear and well projected which ensures he is always heard over the sometimes distracting background noise from nearby shows.

The use of voiceovers is effective in this show as Wil is able to introduce different characters without them being on stage and disrupting the one man show. Conversations with his mother and Jerry the asteroid via voiceovers are particularly humorous and break up the monologue type of performance. Music is also used throughout the performance and livens up the sometimes intense storyline which is very well received by the audience.

It is evident that Greenway is not only a talented actor, but also a very talented playwright. The show flows in a somewhat lyrical manner and the use of descriptive, yet sometimes gory language enhances the shows content.

Although titled ‘A Night to Dismember’, this is well and truly one Fringe show you will always remember.

4.5 (out of five) stars