Printable CopyDEADLY 60 DOWN UNDER
Her Majesty’s Theatre
Until 07 Jan 2018

Review by Janice Bailey

Steve Backshall, the host of the BBC’s “Deadly 60 Down Under”, clearly has a strong following, judging by the Full House sign at Her Majesty’s. It is very heartening that almost all of the adults were there with children. Described as an explorer, wildlife enthusiast, adventurer and all-round daredevil, Backshall is a very personable and extremely likeable host whose enthusiasm for his work with predatory and usually feared species such as sharks and crocodiles, is contagious.

The show is ‘high tech’ displaying videos of his encounters with wildlife on the backdrop, while Backshall explains to the audience what they are watching. On-stage there are replicas of crocodiles and sharks as well as some small live animals. There is obviously a strong following of children and judging by the calibre of the questions put to Backshall by these children, their interest in and knowledge of Bio Science, particularly in relation to Australia’s wildlife, is remarkable. If this interest continues throughout their lives, we can rest assured that Australia and our planet is in good hands.

Tribute is paid to Steve Irwin and the work continuing at Australia Zoo. This was a very entertaining and thought provoking hour well spent.