Ngunyawayiti Space (Tandanya Theatre)
Until 01 Mar 2020

Review by Luke Wagner

Theatre has always been about storytelling. It has been used for generations throughout different cultures in history for the sharing and continuing of the moment and experiences that have made our societies what they are - a rich tapestry spanning billions of people over many years.

Tessa Rose uses her voice to tell her deeply personal and incredibly powerful story to shed a light on the way that life has been for herself and so many other indigenous women in this country. From her childhood and being separated from her mother, to the horrors or domestic abuse, Rose tells her story honestly, authentically and emotionally.

This story touches on a range of deeply personal and upsetting moments in Rose’s life, and she handles each one with the honesty and rawness that they need to be felt at their full impact by the audience. She throws her heart and soul so deeply into her story that it is difficult not to feel connected personally while watching.

A simple chair, a photo frame, a pair of shoes, and a ragdoll are the only items onstage backed by beautiful traditional artwork that comes to like as Rose weaves her story throughout the hour.

This play is an incredible example of the type of story taking that our festival season allows, and for Rose, provides her with an important platform to be heard.

Rating: 5 stars (out of 5)