Printable CopyCOLD BLOOD
The Adelaide Festival
Ridley Centre
Until 08 Mar 2020

Review by Janice Bailey

This incredible concept devised by Belgian couple Michele Anne de Mey and Jaco Van Dormael, together with Kiss and Cry Collective and written by Thomas Gunzig, is unequivocally the most awe-inspiring, riveting, unique and mesmerizing hour and fifteen minutes of theatre that this reviewer has ever experienced. Twenty-four hours later I am still getting flashes of its brilliance.

Michele is a dancer and choreographer and was artistic director of Charleroi Danse in Brussels for 12 years. Jaco is an acclaimed director and screenwriter, best known for the multi-award winning feature films, “Mr Nobody” and “Toto le Héros”. In 2012 Kiss and Cry Collective, involving a group of other talented creatives, was formed.

The concept for this incredible show was conceived on a kitchen table and evolved into filming dancing fingers – combining theatre, dance and cinema. Audiences experience the magic of live theatre combined with the technical elements of cinema. Add to that a brilliant soundtrack and “Cold Blood” came into being. The story evolves as a love story which is expressed as seven unfortunate deaths.

The fascination for the audience is watching the story unfold on the screen while being able to see the creation as it happens in real time. The three-minute standing ovation at the end is testament to the brilliance of the production and the appreciation for being able to be part of something very special.