National Wine Centre
Until 04 Mar 2018

Review by Janice Bailey

La Bomba Latin Productions are a locally based Latin entertainment and talent company. Their very popular street Latin Dance Studio was established in 1999 and this vibrant performance was a great vehicle to promote the school.

Charming Roly de Cuba is your taxi driver taking the audience around the islands of Cuba, the Dominican Republic and Brazil with the help of the Coco Allstars, featuring violinist Alejandro Borrero from Santiago de Cuba. These talented musicians provide the tantalising and exciting music which sets the scene for La Bomba’s spectacular dancers who provide the colour and frenzy of the Salsa, Mambo, Rumba and Samba.

The audience are invited to join in and they do – in fact it would be difficult to stop them. This experience was all about excitement, movement, colour and having fun!

Rating: 4 stars (out of 5)