Printable CopyCLUB BRIEFS
The Royal Croquet Club
Until 05 Mar 2017

Review by Janice Bailey

This Brisbane based company have a big following judging by the amount of people at the first show and their reaction to the individual ‘acts’. The company were created ‘to manufacture, cultivate and present evocative physical performance in the tradition of circus, using the extremities of physical theatre, the artistry of drag, the guts of burlesque, the imagery of theatre, the debauchery of speakeasies and showmanship.’ Created in Brisbane as a place for local acts to ‘try out’ they have progressed to the show they now present and tour nationally and internationally. The cast, most of whom seemed well-known to the audience are diverse and come from a range of backgrounds within the arts. The costumes, when there are any, are typically larger than life and sumptuous.

MC Shivannah struts her stuff with ease and effortlessly takes control, using height and build to great advantage. Dizzy Lizzy, the only female cast member, displays great talent juggling umbrellas with her feet as she is ensconsed in a giant champagne glass. This is a clever and quite classy act highlighting the diversity within the show. This is not for the fainthearted or easily shocked. There is a lot of nudity and swearing and nothing is left to the imagination. Good for a girls’ night out or anyone who enjoys burlesque and diversity in entertainment.