Printable CopyCIRCA
Botanic Gardens & State Herbarium of South Australia
Adelaide Botanic Gardens
Until 25 Nov 2018

Review by Jamie Wright

A melange of theatre, history lesson and puzzle-solving challenge – all set in the Adelaide Botanic Gardens – “Circa” is the brainchild of the Live History Production Company, who have produced and performed such works in their home country of Canada and around the world.

The audience/participants are introduced to ‘Circa’, who appears to be an amnesiac time traveller, and enlisted to help her regain her memory – and learn some history at the same time as getting to wander through a section of the stunning Adelaide Botanic Gardens.

The 8pm session kicked off as the sun was setting, so the performers had to compete with some especially raucous sulphur-crested cockatoos, with other less-identifiable creatures adding to the soundscape.

Designed by Joshua Kitz, the puzzles are interesting and challenging, though on the easier end of the spectrum – which makes sense given the limited time and resources available. Jasmine Bowen, as Circa, is totally immersed in her role, which adds to the fun. She’s aided in her quest by Tarsha Cameron as the quirky Sam.

It’s a fun way to spend an hour, and an interesting history lesson.