Venture Theatre Company
Trinity Uniting Hall
Until 17 Nov 2018

Review by Doug Phillips

Pantomimes are traditionally for children, and kids are going to love this show. It has everything a good kid’s pantomime should have. Audience participation, over-the-top characters, laboured-puns, recognisable songs, and good (mostly) humour. For parents and grandparents sharing the experience with younger ones, there’s also much joy to be had here. Just be on the look-out for the projectile lollies.

The actors have been given much freedom to improvise, and on the whole, this has led to some great moments. Some of the singing was a little flat, and there was a questionable song choice for a kid’s show in “Don’t Cha (Wish Your Girlfriend Was A Freak Like Me)”.

Katrine Hildyard’s performance as the Fairy Godmother was a treat to witness. She certainly brought a new persona to this well-known character, and had the audience smiling and laughing throughout.

The audience favourite however was undoubtedly David Giles’ portrayal of the Queen. Certainly needing no microphone, David’s complete lack of restraint made his performance unique and hilarious.

Pack the kids, and some treats to eat and drink, and settle in for good fun night. This isn’t Shakespeare, but if it was, the kids wouldn’t like it. And it is for kids after all.