Blue Fruit Theatre
Until 15 Mar 2015

Review by Brian Godfrey

Last year this reviewer was fortunate enough to see the serious side of the extremely talented Michaela Burger in “Exposing Edith” where she portrayed brilliantly the French Chanteuse Edith Piaf. This year she performs as another Chanteuse, Coober Pedy’s only French speaking Italian who was lucky enough to win the prestigious Coober Pedy Next Top Model award. As you might guess, this cabaret showcases Burger’s comic talents (although she does cleverly work Piaf’s two biggest hits into this show as well).

Trying to discover the real person behind Rose, the diminutive diva, with the biggest, most magnificent voice ever takes the audience around the world to visit her many and varied relatives. We visit India, Germany, Italy, England, Greece, Ireland, Hollywood and back to lil’ old Adelaide.

This is a charming and very funny cabaret that not only shows off Burger’s highly skilled vocals, but her excellent grasp of comedy, wonderful knack for character voices and accents, and her ability to Riverdance (along with her pianist-in-crime Matthew ‘If it’s Fringe season, I’m there’ Carey).

Do not overlook this diminutive diva – she will charm ze ‘Boom-Boom’ out of you (or three lucky gentlemen from the audience at any rate).

Rating: 5 stars (out of 5)