Tea Tree Players
Tea Tree Players Theatre
Until 02 Sep 2017

Review by Maggie Wood

Three widows, one widower, what could go wrong? With Tea Tree Players latest production, “The Cemetery Club”, it seems the answer is quite a lot.

Lucille has been man-mad since her husband died, Doris has remained true to her dead spouse and his memory, even after four years, but Ida feels that maybe the time for mourning may be over.

Enter eligible widower and local butcher Sam, and it doesn’t take much stirring to bring things to the boil.

The main characteristic of this production is the all-over level of excellence. Tea Tree Players know how to deliver quality community theatre and they just get better as the years go by.
Tina Hall as Ida is funny and heartbreaking. We feel her pain and joy as she works her way forward into the possibilities of a new life.

Lesley Main as Doris navigates the tragedy and comedy of her role beautifully, and Theresa Dolman as Lucille is joyfully brash, with some of the wickedest lines – and a twist in her tale.

Rick Mills as Sam hits just the right note for the sole male in the cast, and the catalyst for change in the ladies’ lives, and Heather Riley’s turn as Mildred is deliciously fun.

This is Robert Andrews’ second time directing this play. He staged it ten years ago with Tea Tree Players and now brings it back – with the same cast!

Experience has served them all well, and will serve the audience well. It is a thoroughly entertaining evening that will have you both laughing and crying, and falling in love with the members of the Cemetery Club.

Thoroughly recommended.