Queen's Theatre
Until 19 Feb 2021

Review by Janice Bailey

The word ‘legend’ is often overused and as such can lose its worth. In the case of Carlotta she is indeed ‘a bloody legend’ and no-one could be more deserving of the title. At 78 she has announced her retirement from performing. She will be missed.

As a very young vocalist working in Sydney I was privileged to work with Carlotta and I have never forgotten her warmth and kindness. This comes across to the audience in abundance and they are happy to return the favour.

On a very warm afternoon at the Queens Theatre I was privileged to see one of her last shows. There is a definite bond and trust between Carlotta and her pianist, Michael Griffiths – at times it seems that he would know what she was going to do even before she knew herself. While audiences love her banter and enjoy being ‘put down’ if they become too vocal, there is no doubting that she still sings a ‘mean song’. In every way, Carlotta is ‘real’. When the heat became too much, off came the wig (to reveal a head of great hair).

The show was fun, outrageous, spellbinding and captivating. The stories of other well-known Australian entertainers and identities no longer with us were bittersweet, even more so knowing that we will not see her again on stage in Adelaide.

Rating: 5 stars (out of 5)