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The Metropolitan Musical Theatre Company of SA Inc (aka “The Met”)
The Arts Theatre
Until 20 Oct 2018

Review by Doug Phillips

The Met’s latest offering fell short of what I was expecting. It had some good moments, and it certainly had the talent, but I just couldn’t get into it. It was opening night though, so perhaps they’re ‘almost there’?

Having no previous experience with “Can-Can” I had no preconceived ideas about the storyline, or how good it could have been. However, it just wasn’t up to the standard I was hoping for.

I did have some expectations around Cole Porter’s music and lyrics. These too, however, just didn’t do it for me. Not because the orchestra wasn’t quite tight enough, but more because they just didn’t seem to have the gusto required in their delivery (cast and orchestra). Not for every song mind you. Some songs were brilliantly loud and clear.

Selena Britz’s singing was strong and precise through-out the performance. Her portrayal of Pistache was well thought through and executed.

The show itself is quite humorous, but I think some of the jokes could have been delivered better (slower in some instances, and faster in others) and with more precision. Jed McDonald’s comedic delivery was the stand-out, while everyone else was just short of the mark.

Perhaps it was the accents that put me off? With predominantly French characters, it occasionally sounded like we were listening to Germans and Russians. At some points, accents disappeared altogether, and we were briefly back in Australia.

The dancing was definitively impressive at times. Perhaps the focus on dancing reduced the time available for other aspects of the show during rehearsals?

The backdrops were great though. Detailed and very well crafted. Too often an afterthought, or worse, put in the “too-hard-basket”, it was nice to see some real artistry and effort up the back of the stage.

As mentioned, it was their opening night, and they do have everything they need to get this right. There is talent on and off stage, good sets, and well-loved lines and songs. If they can tighten everything up and shake off any imperfections, they have the bones of a good season here.