Blue Note Club at the Big Slapple
Until 21 Feb 2020

Review by Fran Edwards

An amusing look at wine with tongue firmly in cheek. The performance opened with three girls in very short gold dresses and white blonde wigs displaying fine dance talent. The show was an all-female variety production put together by Amelie Peters (classically trained vocalist) and Kate Ryan (classically trained dancer) who combine their talents with those of other talented performers to entertain.

They danced with balloons, dated with wine (in song), displayed some colourful costumes and showed some great aerial talent. They were inclusive: one gentleman with a birthday got serenaded, and one girl made an interesting version of Sangria and shared it with a few brave patrons.

Peters has a good voice which she uses well, and the dancers have some good choreography, but the highlight is definitely the aerial performer who mesmerized the audience with a beautiful routine. This show won’t break any records but is a pleasant way to spend an hour.

Rating 3.5 stars (out of 5)